PKPKAUT Weighted Rocker Knife for One Handed Cutting


PKPKAUT Weighted Rocker Knife for One Handed Cutting

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Rocking Knife for Disabled Stroke Patients, Adaptive Curved Arthritis Knife for Handicapped, Disability Aids Steak Knives Sets.
Weighted Knife – 4.0 OZ. Adaptive knife weight more than traditional parkinson’s knife, wider and weighted design of the food-grade safe silicone handle effectively relieve tremors to support those with hand tremors, arthritis, or stroke seniors.
Premium Quality – Made of german stainless steel, one handed knife ultra thin edge quick cutting and never need sharpening, rounded corner design of the knife tip, safety protection prevent cuts, an excellent choice stroke knife for disabled people.
Universal Cuff – Oxford webbing. Built up knife elastic hand strap 5.0 inches, stretchy and fits most hands, adjustable velcro easy to install and replace, adaptive utensils holder provides ease holding for elderly with little or no hand strength.
Knife Sheath – Our rocking knife guards are felt-lined so that they protect your steak knives’ integrity without marring their finish or dulling their blades as they slide in and out of the sheath, arthritis knife covers are non-BPA and non-toxic.
Easy to Clean – Adaptive rocker knife for Parkinson’s totally DISHWASHER SAFE without harsh detergents, curved rocker knife for stroke patients cleaning brush especially designed for cleaning the grooves in the handle making cleaning job a breeze.


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PSC/FSC: 4240, 6510, 6515, 6525, 6530, 6532, 6540, 6545