Redhawk Medical

Redhawk Nursing On-the-Go Bundle


(1) Medela Freestyle Flex rechargeable breast pump;
(2) Pairs of LilyPadz Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads;
(1) Medela Postpartum Support Belt;
(3) Medela Comfort Bras;
(1) Medela Easy Expression Bustier/Pumping Bra;
(24) Medela Pre-moistened cleaning wipes;
(1) Medela Accessory Starter Set containing:
(5) Count Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ Bags; (40) Count
Pump & Save™ Bags; (30) Count Disposable Bra Pads; (1)
Tender Care™ Lanolin 2 oz Tube; Breastfeeding Resource
Guide; Breast Milk Storage Guidelines Magnet

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This package is built around the needs of Veteran
mothers that are on-the-go and need to stay mobile.
Includes essentials for the Medela Freestyle breast
pump, which is powered by lithium ion rechargeable
batteries, as well as accessories to better enable the
mother to stay active and mobile.
Features a Pumping Bustier for hands free pumping
while staying active; a vehicle charger for portable
charging; an accessory starter set with sanitization bags
and storage bags for storing excess milk while mother is
away, as well as disinfecting wipes to stay sanitary.


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