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Truman VAMC Custom Nursing Package 2


(1) Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow (Microfiber bag);
(1) Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump;
(1) Medela Easy Expression Bustier/Pumping Bra;
(2) Pairs of LilyPadz Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads;
(4) Medela Comfort Bras;
(1) Babygooroo Breastfeeding Guidebook

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Provides the Veteran with Medela and LilyPadz products
needed for breastfeeding with Medela’s Pump In Style
Advanced breast pump. Also includes a manual breast
pump and hands free pumping bustier and bras. A USDA
recommended guidebook for breastfeeding helps new
parents with their breastfeeding journey.


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