TheraTapper™ Plus


TheraTapper™ Plus


Six-Foot Long Replaceable Wires
Never again send your tactile stimulation device in for repair when a wire breaks. When a wire wears out, just unplug it from the control box and pulsers, and replace it! Your TheraTapper™ kit comes with a spare wire set.

Easy-Grip Pulsers
2.4″ x 1.25″ x 0.6″ oval pulsers fit nicely into hands.

Blinking LEDs
Provide real-time visual feedback about pulse length and rate.

Adjustable Length Knob
Controls the length of each pulse. The longer the pulse, the slower the speed. The shorter the pulse, the faster the speed.

Adjustable Intensity Knob
Controls the intensity of each pulse.

Adjustable Pause Knob
Controls the length of the pause between pulses. The no-pause setting is the fastest. Lengthening the pause also slows the speed.

Uses Long-Lasting AA Batteries
Get over 100 hours of tapping on one pair of AA alkaline batteries, or use rechargeable batteries.

Headphones with Long Cables
Our headphones have extra long cables so client and therapist can sit at a comfortable distance. (TheraTapper™ Plus Only)

Adjustable Volume Knob
Controls the volume of the tone in the earphones.(TheraTapper™ Plus Only)

Adjustable Tone Knob
Controls the pitch or frequency of the sound in the earphones.(TheraTapper™ Plus Only)


NAICS: 327212, 333914, 334510, 334516, 337127, 339112, 339113, 339115, 423210, 423220, 423420, 423430, 423440, 423450, 423460, 423490, 423610, 423990, 446199, 448190, 532490, 621512

PSC/FSC: 4240, 6510, 6515, 6525, 6530, 6532, 6540, 6545